Experience, Technology, Professionalism.
For over 20 years, The Design Guy has been helping homeowners, just like you; turn their ideas into buildable house plans. Delivering high-quality custom homes, additions, outdoor rooms and more have been our foremost goal.

Working with cutting edge technology allows us to design homes that are efficient and buildable while giving you a clear understanding of how new plan will look and function.   State of the art 3 dimensional modeling and rendering allow you to view your home from every conceivable angle inside and out.   What will your view be when you are cooking in your kitchen?   What will your home look like as you pull into the driveway?   For all these questions and more we don’t need to explain these vantages, we just show you.

Professionalism is a word that often is lost in this industry.   Who are you working with?   How do you know the plans you are paying for can be built?   These questions and many others can be put to rest if you are working with the capable professionals of The Design Guy.

We are the only design firm in the state of Virginia fortunate enough to have two Certified Professional Building Designers (CPBD) on staff.   We aren’t just certified; we have re-written the test for others to become certified.

Since 1990 our designs have been built in many well-known neighborhoods.   Our drawings have been seen in many Parade of Homes over the past 18 years and we have won numerous awards.   One home won five awards including BEST CURB APPEAL, BEST KITCHEN, GOLD AWARD and REALTORS CHOICE AWARD.   We have earned the respect of architects, building inspectors, contractors, framers, and truss manufacturers by producing consistent quality home designs that are easy to understand, review, and build.   Simply, we are known for plans that work as they are drawn, with no surprises, extra costs or extra time during construction.

If we can help you succeed in building your plan than please call us at (804) 768-9590

Plans that are Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.   We guarantee your plan will obtain a building permit and you will be happy with your plan.   Unfortunately, most companies do not offer this guarantee! A plan set is of no value if you cannot obtain a building permit.

How many times have you heard that the contractor did a lousy job?   Many of those cases stem from poor design and planning not the contractor.   The design and structure are the most important part of the process.   Design errors can ruin your dream home experience and cost thousands to resolve the problems.

We know flawed plans lead to construction problems, delays and broken dreams.   Our job is to create solid designs that allow you to focus your valuable time on the construction process, instead of finding solutions to fix avoidable problems.   We use a time proven proprietary system of design, verifying all pertinent information is on the plan set. To see an example of how flawed some competitors plans are click here
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An Effortless Process

Building your new home can be a daunting task.   Maybe you don’t know what you want?   Maybe you don’t know how to explain what you want?   The Design Guy has the experience to understand vague concepts and draw them into reality.   You are not expected to understand the structure of a home and how it will stand the test of time.   That is our job.   We let you focus on the parts of the home that you will experience every day.   We make suggestions that allow you to see the full potential of your home and avoid most pitfalls along the way.

We offer complete design and support services.   In any new construction or remodeling project;   an accurate, well thought out plan/design will benefit everyone involved.   A Well Done Set Of Plans Helps Every Project Get Completed Faster, With Fewer Mistakes, And On Budget.

The design and structure are the most important part of the process.   Design errors can ruin your dream home experience and cost you extra money to resolve the problems.   We provide high quality plans for your peace of mind.   You shouldn’t take chances and hope everything will turn out okay.   We'll help you get it right before the construction begins.   You will get peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect once construction begins.

With our state of the art 3-D CAD system you can see the home from any angle before the construction begins.   We even post videos for you to see the progress or to help answer questions of how something may look in real life.   To see more on our 3-D rendering system, click here.


Custom Home Designs:   Exclusive, one of a kind home created for you and your family.   The only limit to your new custom home is your imagination.   Weather you are looking to raise your family in a new custom home with plenty of space to stretch out or you are looking to build your forever house,   The Design Guy can make your imagination a reality.   Just bring your ideas and we will design the house that will perfectly suit you.   We have designed custom houses from 1000 square foot bungalows to large mansions and everything in between.   If you can think it we can design it.

Addition Designs:   Designs based on your needs and desires transform your current home to your ideal living space.   Life changes, that’s a fact.   You don’t necessarily need to sell your home when you can upgrade it.   Do you have space that you are noy using?   Do you need a new guest suite?   Does your current home lack curb-appeal.   All of these questions could be solved by making your current home your dream home.   We have designed hundreds of additions and improvements for people just like you.

Braced Walls:   Calculations and/or braced wall panel layouts for building permit.   If you have an existing plan we can get the BWP layouts/calculations ready for permit.   The necessity of having your current plans conform to the current code is paramount.   Code changes will render your plans impermissible.   Let The Design Guy review your plans for BWP and more so that you can build the house you have designed.

Outdoor Living Designs: Decks, Porches and 3 season rooms.   On your next remodel, don’t be content with your same old backyard.   Bring the indoors out with living spaces that will allow you to entertain or relax with all the comforts of your living room.

As-built Plans of your existing home:    This is useful for additions and remodeling of your home.3   It is also a powerful sales tool when you sell your home.   It is always helpful to see what you have.   As-built plans allow you to make additions that will save you time and money during construction.   Knowing exactly how to extend your house in an addition and how that addition will interact with your current house is necessary to save you time and the dreaded change-order.   When selling your home, an as-built plan allows your potential buyer to clearly see what they are buying.   If you were torn between two houses when you are buying a home and one had as-built plans, which one would you choose?

Additional Services such as drawing & documents required by county or city to document existing condition or IE Plans for addition done without applying for a building permit are also well within our experience.