Flawed Plans

Comparison of two designs.
The Design Guy vs. the competition
This is a direct view of actual plans by a competitor that we had to redraw. In this case their plans were rejected for a building permit for many reasons.
The was an addition was a straight forward project with no reasons the addition could not be built with the correct design.  The project as the other designer had it could not be built as drawn for many reasons.  One was that it was to close to the septic system. This meant the health department would not release the plans for permit and the addition could not be built!

The original plan was only 3 pages with very little structural information of which most was incorrect!  Our final plans were 8 pages that obtained a building permit on the 1st application with no questions asked.
The original plan had many discrepancies; foundation was not the same size as the floor plans, incorrect roof pitch and dormers that did not match the existing home.  It is obvious to us that the original designer does not know or care what they are doing.   There was no value in the cheaper price that ended up costing the homeowner plenty of headaches, extra money and time to have the designs redone. Remember this was a simple addition with only a few chances for problems or errors. Just imagine the mistakes if this was a new home design!

This is only a partial listing of the errors. To see the entire comparison click on the link below the picture.

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