Stock or Custom Plans

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We have stock plans that you could actually use.   You would not buy a vehicle by looking at just a picture, would you?  Absolutely not!   You would check Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, or Consumer Reports to understand reliability and pricing.   Then you would test-drive the vehicle to see how it handles and performs.  Basically to find out if it matches your expectations.

How much research do you do on the house plan you have selected before you commit to the building process that's going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The problem is that buying a house plan isn't like buying a vehicle;   because you can't test drive the plan (house) until after it's built (then it's too late)….or can you?

How can you test-drive a plan?   The information below will start your test drive and help you make your decision.

Best Value or Cheapest price?
Are you looking for the best value or the cheapest price? They are far from the same. See the examples below.

Typical fees associated with home construction.
  •   It is not unusual for a realty company to charge a 5% commission fee.
  •   That would be $15000.00 for a $300,000.00 home.  Most people do not know exactly what they do but still pay their commission.

  •   Loan origination fees. They are typically 1-2% of the loan amount just to loan you the money.
      That is $4500.00 at 1-1/2% of a $300,000.00 loan or $9000.00 on a $600,000.00 loan.

  • Our custom home design is typically 1% to 2% of the construction cost.   Compared to the fees listed above it's a small price to pay to get what you want in a home with the peace of mind in knowing it is done correctly. We believe that is value.

    You may be able to buy an online plan or plans by a draftsman at bargain-basement pricing, Just add in a few thousand dollars to bring it up to code and the engineers fee.   Is that value or just the cheapest price?

    Look at the entire picture.   Do you think the most important part of building a house is worth less than the loan origination fees?
    You must decide.

    To see our stock plans Click Here