We have been working with builders across the country for 20 years.   We minimize problems and reduce risk with structurally accurate architectural plans by The Design Guy.   We are experts in the construction methods and architectural styles used throughout much of the nation.

We have many Builder Programs available to help you gain control over the design phase and implement your influence and efficiencies into your plans.   We provide an affordable service to upgrade your current plans, satisfy your customers’ requests and maximize building efficiency with professionalism second to none.

We have earned the respect of architects, building inspectors, contractors, framers, and truss manufacturers by producing consistent quality home designs that are easy to understand, review, and build.   Simply, we are known for plans that work as they are drawn, with no surprises to cost extra time or money during construction.
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An Ever Changing Code

The building codes are always changing. Whether it be minor changes such as new deck connections, house wrap requirements or large changes like 2”x 6” construction or stair geometry, the way we are expected to build is constantly in flux. 
Many builders have amassed a large catalogue of home plans that have been build over a generation. When a best-selling design can no longer be built to today’s code, the necessity to have that plan redesigned in imperative. Trends may come and go, but the race to a highly performing home will always be a constant.
At The Design Guy we specialize in transforming your current plans to meet today’s exacting code requirements. 2’ x 6” construction, increased insulation, and stair geometry are just some of the ways that an outdated plan becomes unbuildable without the skills of The Design Guy. If we can help you bring your plans up to date, please call us at (804) 768-9590
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Customers’ Needs

The customer comes first, as your business can attest.
For a generation, The Design Guy has been modifying plans to suite your customers needs.   Some plans have common options already drafted like a sunroom or an eat-in kitchen. But as the market has tightened, the customer has been demanding larger more complex plan revisions.  Bedrooms to be placed in the space of a two-story room, window-walls to take advantage of an amazing view, fully finished basements:

These examples are just some of what your savvy buyer has probably requested.  When you have requests for major changes to the house’s floor plan, structure or appearance that have not yet been designed, you should turn to The Design Guy.  We have reimagined hundreds of builder’s house plans to suit the specific needs of your buyer.  If we can help you help your customer, please call us at (804) 768-9590
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Build it Better

We consider the cost of building the heart of how we design.  Minimize problems and reduce risk with structurally accurate construction documents by The Design Guy.

The cost of building a home has risen over 60% since 1990 even though construction techniques have been standardized, computers are aiding in materials calculations and products are performing better.
The Design Guy specializes in creating a final set of buildable plans with cost at the foremost of considerations.  Can this roof be trussed?  Can this floor be done in dimensional lumber or would I-joist make more sense?  Do the braced wall panels meet code?  All of these questions and more will have bearing on the final design from The Design Guy.
What is the point of building a home for a customer if you cannot make money doing it?
 If we can help you build your home better, please call us at (804) 768-9590