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The following are some comments from our clients.
Email from client after viewing video & plans during the early stage of design.

We are loving it. The tower is awesome. Thank you so much for your effort.
- E.G. - Maryland - Homeowner
Our reply
Thank you for your input!
I appreciate you noticing the time & efforts we put into a design to bring your Dreamhome together.
The tower has changed locations & design a few times to get it perfect!  The only way for your home to be... PERFECT
Dear Ken,
We have been in our new home for a little over a month now.   I have to say that we are loving it.   Thank you so very much for your design work in converting the home to our dream home.   It was quite a challenge for you.
We love the extension of the family room and the added on dining room is perfect for my grandparent’s antique dining room set.

My Mom loves her bathroom.   It turned out absolutely beautiful.   I am sending you photos of the finished converted shower that you suggested for my mother.   Having it truly handicapped accessible definitely gives me peace of mind should she suffer a fall again.   There will be room to help her if she needs it.

We are looking forward to the warmer weather so we can really enjoy the added-on screened porch and deck.
Our project was, in fact, four additions to our "new” house ~ the den expansion, new dining room, screened porch, and expanded bedroom.   Tieing in the different roof lines with the existing roof posed quite a challenge for you.   We are very happy with our new home.

Thank you so much for you help.
- Susan K. - Chester Va - Homeowner
Screened porch     Bath Remodel
Our reply
Thank you for your Dream Home review and for taking the time to write!
YES, the roof was quite a complex challenge, but that is what we do.   I knew your Mom would love the beautiful accessible bath.
Building permit issued on the 1st submission!
Feedback from two perspective builders is that the plans look good and they have what they need. 'Very detailed' said one.

Joy and I thank you for all your hard work and we really appreciate that you took the time to listen to our ideas at the very first meeting and understand what we were shooting for. You then were able to incorporate our ideas into a design that not only gave us what we wanted but did it in an aesthetically pleasing manor as to keep in character with the original home.

The 3-D videos that you have sent during the possess were worth their weight in gold as they allowed Joy to 'see' what things would be like after the addition and remodel, PRICELESS.

Now that we have been through the process I could not imagine why anyone would consider doing any major addition or renovation work without full 3-D design so one can see the finished product and make changes prior to construction when Change Orders become very expensive. We can now start constructing with relative peace of mind and I only say relative because on any reno/remod there are going to be unforeseen issues to work through. The one issue we are not worried about is the fabulous Design. Thanks again,

Before Addition   After Addition

- Donald LaCroix, Hanover, VA - Homeowner
Our reply
Thank you for the GOLDEN review!
Listening to our clients is a huge part of the design process!
Who would not love 3d videos.

Hi, Ken, just wanted to let you know that we moved into the new house Feb 3, and it is truly wonderful! The siting, the views all around, the natural light, the way it flows, doesn't seem to contain you but keeps you in touch with the outside world. The kitchen design changed but is workable and spacious. It seems to be the right size for us, and we are well pleased.

Mike Hurst (builder) did a magnificent job on both the house and the carriage house.

We'd love to have you come see it in the travel plans in the future. Give me a shout and I'll send directions.


- David & Grace. - Gloucester, VA - Homeowner
Our reply
The wrap around porch is GREAT for the water views but it does cut down on the light.   I knew you would be happy with the natural light from dormer over the breakfast area.    Let the light shine in.
Thank you for the update!   I will see you in March.
We live in a rural area. The original owners who built the house oriented it so that the back of the house faced the main road. Our house was known as the 'backward house' to the locals. Whenever anyone needed directions, they used our 'Backward house' as a landmark. Not a reputation anyone wants to have.

Before we contacted Ken, we contacted two other companies. One visited the property, took basic measurements and said they could 'provide plans' and quoted a price. We never heard back from the company after asking to see some plans that they had done for projects in our county. The second company said they didn’t need to see the property – just bring them photos and they could work from that. Needless to say – we didn’t meet with them.

We saw Ken’s website and made the call. From that first phone call, Ken took time to explain the process and services his company provides. He and his partner spent approximately five hours measuring the house and working on some concept drawings before showing them to us. We were sold as soon as we saw his drawings – designs we would have never thought of.

The initial drawings were done within a week and half (much quicker than the other companies promised) and Ken stayed late to meet with us for the initial review after normal working hours to accommodate our schedule. We had some follow-up e-mails to answer some questions he had (he wanted to make sure he interpreted our requests correctly) and picked up the final plans for submission to the county.

Ken reminded us then to let him know if the county had any questions and said he would do whatever it took to get them approved. After submitting the plans, we received a letter from the county requesting some clarification. I sent Ken an e-mail about 7:00 that night and was amazed to get a response from him within three hours indicating he was reviewing the County’s comments and would get on it in the morning. True to his word, I received a follow-up call the next morning from Ken. He added the additional information and made personal telephonic contact with the County to ensure the changes would be accepted. He then e-mailed the plans to the county and us to keep us from having to make the trip a second time. That’s customer service.

This was a lengthy review, but my wife and I want everyone to know SD & D Designs is the best design company in the area.


- Jeff & Trish F. - Sussex, VA - Homeowner
Our reply
We appreciate you taking the time to help others to understand us and our process!
PS: Loved the pictures you sent of the construction
Thank you!
Converted garage into 1st floor master suite. Added river room, 3 car garage, laundry rm Below are my heartfelt thoughts: "Having completed several remodeling projects on houses in the past, I felt I was experienced having worked with both architects and professional designers. I have to say the experience with S&D was by far the best of them all. Ken and Kevin are knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, detail oriented and provide a great product at a fair price. The plans were spot-on. I would highly recommend S&D to anyone considering a remodeling project whether the job be big or small". Ken, let me know if I can help in anyway.

River Room Addition

- Richard L - Montpelier, VA - Homeowner
Our reply
We enjoyed touring your home with the contractor and seeing how pleased you are!
Thank you for the heartfelt review
I would definitely recommend Ken for any architectural work. He is highly skilled and very detail oriented, these combined skills make Ken an excellent designer. His precise drawings help bring a project to life.

- Steve Stemper Owner, Dreamwright Construction Inc. - Remodeling * Additions * Home Improvements - (804) 231-4469
As a customer of SD&D since 2001, I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service that you have provided to us and our customers. I am estimating that you have provided over 100 sets of either additions, remodeling or new home plans. In all cases we have found that your designs are extremely accurate, enabling our crews to easily construct our homes. Another benefit of SD & D Designs is that the local building permit process time is reduced because the plan reviewers have all the information to meet building code requirements. Also on numerous occasions you have provided information that eliminated the additional expense of hiring an engineer. Ken, I can always trust that your plans are functional and that our customer's individual needs are incorporated into their designs. We enjoy working with you and look forward to growing our business with the help of SD & D

- Len Phillips, - Virginia Restoration Services Inc. - Midlothian, VA - (804) 745-6131
Reply to a 1st draft of plans in 3d. Wow.....I have been mesmerized for 2 hours.
Project description: Extended Master bedroom, bath , closets to rear of home

Master Bedroom addition

- Cindy B, Home Owner Chesterfield, VA
Hi Ken, The building permit has been approved. All the subcontractors that have looked at the plans so far have been very impressed with how complete they are, and especially appreciate the photos of the existing building for reference. Thank you.

Project description: Added 4th level to tri-level home

Kandul Before-After addition

- Lynda Kandul , Home Owner Fairfax, VA